The Best Mutual Fund Company in the United States

by Hank


Dodge and Cox is the best mutual fund company in the United States.  Of course, this is just one man’s opinion, but let me tell you why I love this little company from San Francisco so much.




Dodge and Cox is old school.  It was founded in 1930.  They only offer five different mutual funds for their customers to invest in, and all five stellar funds are run by a committee of advisors and analysts.  There is no fad investing going on in this highly ethical mutual fund company.  They invest in a tried and true disciplined strategy for the long term based on their own independent research conducted in house.  Dodge and Cox looks to hold every stock it purchases for three to five years, which is a lifetime in the current mutual fund climate.  Most funds trade in and out of stocks like a day trader.


Dodge and Cox has a staff of managers who stay with their assigned fund for decades.  John Gunn has been with the company’s Stock fund (DODGX) since 1972 and its lead the fund for the last 31 years.  This is an important fact when you are looking for a good mutual fund because the excellent 10 and 20 year returns actually came from these same managers.  Dodge and Cox believe in investing for the long term, and you see this philosophy in their stock purchases.  The turn over rate (20% for Stock) and expenses (0.52%) are way below the industries averages, and this keeps costs down for the mutual funds’ investors.  Add those attributes to their mutual funds’ exceptional rates of return and you have outstanding mutual funds. 


Several of the company’s five mutual funds have consistently ranked in Money Magazine’s List of Top 70 Mutual Funds, as well as Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine’s Top 25 Mutual Funds.


Disclaimer: If you can’t tell by now, I am a loyal customer of Dodge and Cox.  I invest in several of their mutual funds.

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