Does Spam Really Work? Why Do I Keep Getting So Much?

by Hank

I am constantly blown away by how much spam I get in my inbox.  Does this crap really work?  Do people really fall for that scheme where a long lost friend has millions of Nigerian dollars that they can’t get out of the country?  But, if you send them a couple of hundred to grease the wheels of bureaucracy they can magically get it out to split it with you.


The sad part is that I guess it does work.  Or, why else would spammers still send out their garbage?  Obviously someone’s falling for it.  If you send out millions of e-mails, you could make a nice comfortable living if just five people a month fell for it.  The Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) estimates that over 100 million spam e-mails are sent touting stock tips, penny stocks, and other securities schemes.


I actually bought prescriptions from New Zealand one time while I was in college.  Who knows if I got the real pharmaceutical grade medicine, but my experience ordering it through a random spam e-mail actually wasn’t too bad.   *** Please do not think that I would recommend doing it again though. ***


But, is there anything of value in spam?  Have you ever bought anything off of a spam e-mail?  I’d love to hear anyone’s experiences.

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