Mutual Fund Recap for September 2008 – Month and Yearly Fund Average Returns By Category and Style

by Hank

I talk a lot about the benefits of good growth stock mutual funds on this blog, and I wanted to give you a little bit of perspective about where the overall market has gone this past month.  I’m sure that you are saying to yourself, “I know where the market has gone…straight down the toilet!”  And, I totally understand that. 

My mutual funds, like Dodge and Cox Stock, are way down this year, but it helps to compare your stocks and mutual funds to the overall market in order to gauge just how poorly they are doing.  Below is a list of major mutual fund categories for you to get a sense of how your investments are fairing.  Remember to compare apples to apples in this case.  Find your fund’s category and compare it to the market’s total returns below.





One Month

One Year

Three Years

Stock Mutual Funds




Large – Cap Growth

– 8.16%

– 19.74%


Mid – Cap Growth

– 9.07%

– 21.37%


Small – Cap Growth

– 6.33%

– 20.23%



– 3.47%

– 8.64%



– 8.69%

– 25.95%



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