Now You Can Run Your Own Mutual Fund

by Hank

Have you every thought that you could do a better job running a mutual fund than some of the so called “professionals”?  I have.  Well, now you have your chance. is website that lets you start you own simulated mutual fund, track your stocks’ progress, and compete with others.

Not only is the website a lot of fun, but you can also try out your own investing acumen or investing strategies from the safety of your own couch or wherever you surf the web.

I found this website through, an aspiring mutual fund advisor’s attempt at running a mutual fund. 


Before a novice investor tries and invests in individual stocks, running your “own” mutual fund on the web will help you get the hand of individual stock investing. My mutual fund has beaten the S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrial Average, and the NASDAQ this month, but of course I am just starting.  I’ll try and post regularly here and let you know how my mutual fund is doing.



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