Top 10 Movies About Finance, Business, and Money Matters

by Hank


Below are my “Top 10” favoriate movies about personal finance, business, and money matters:

1. Secret of My Success. This movie actually inspired me to major in business in college and become a businessman.

2. Wall Street

3. Boiler Room

4. The Godfather Part I.  I actually like the first Godfather movie the best, unlike most people who love the second one more.

5. Glengarry Glen Ross

6. American Gangster

7. Office Space

8. Rogue Trader

9. The Aviator


Honorable Mentions:

Antitrust, Pirates of Silicon Valley, In Good Company, Barbarians at the Gate, Goodfellas, and Citizen Kane

Am I missing your personal favorite?  Add a comment below and let us know what I should add to this list….

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