Top Ten Tips to Save Money While Playing Golf

by Hank



Like most military men, I love playing golf.  My wife and I are actually thinking about buying our next house in a neighborhood with a course.  No Credit Needed recently gave ten tips to save money on the golf course, and I just couldn’t resist sharing them with you.

  1. Avoid weekend/holiday rates.
  2. Share a bucket of range balls with your playing partner
  3. Bring your own snacks / bottled water / sodas / etc.  Don’t forget the beer too.  My friends and I would always sneak a cooler onto the course.  I even went as far as to buy one of those fake cooler clubs with a nozzle.
  4. Check out state owned and operated golf courses
  5. Buy used golf clubs. I bought all my clubs, golf bag, etc. on eBay.
  6. Pay for a few lessons
  7. Skip the gimmicks and gadgets
  8. Walk the course
  9. Avoid the course all together.  I’m not really sure that I like this idea.
  10. Play late in the evening

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