A Look Back at Military Money Might for October 2008

by Hank

Here are some of the blog’s most popular articles for the past month.  Please feel free to share these with your friends and family.  Thanks…

Notable articles from the blog:

  1. Tips on Picking a Financial Planner – It Is Your Money and No One Cares More About It Than You  – Tips you should consider when hiring a financial planner.
  2. Every Soldier and Civilian Needs to Have Renters’ Insurance  – A sad story about a Soldier who did not have renter’s insurance and then needed it desperately.
  3. What Should You Do with Certificates of Deposit That Are Maturing? CD Ladder.  – Here are some ideas on what to do when your CDs are maturing.
  4. Using a Stock Screener to Find the Perfect Individual Stock to Buy – How to find that great stock that is eluding you.
  5. Using a Personal Escrow Account Instead of Buying an Automobile Extended Warranty – My wife and I are not going to buy an extended warranty for our car and here is why.
  6. Is It Worth It to Pay Points on Your Mortgage – A cost benefit look at different interest rates on home mortgages.
  7. Investing 101: Risk Versus Reward and Risk Tolerance – A beginner’s look at how much risk you should take when investing.

I hope that you have enjoyed the blog as much as I have enjoyed writing it and that you will continue reading.  Thanks again….


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