Kiplinger’s Top Ten List of Things Going Right in the US Economy

by Hank

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine, my favorite money magazine, recently listed 10 things that are going right in the US economy.  With so much negative news about the economy, these ten points are a breath of fresh air.

1. Oil Prices Are Falling – Prices have declined by 50% in the last three months
2. A Tipping Point for the Auto Industry – Hybrids and deals on car lots abound
3. Interest Rates Are Low and Headed Lower – Rates are dropping on many types of loans
4. Homes Are More Affordable – Low home prices and a return to traditional lending standards like 20% down payment, good income, and good credit score
5. Your Bank Savings Have Never Been Safer – New FDIC limits protect up to $250,000 per account and money market fund prices guaranteed to stay at $1 per share
6. Stocks Are on Sale, and Many Bonds Offer Terrific Yields – P/E Ratios are extremely low. Great companies have been beaten up with the market despite great fundamentals
7. The Miracle of Technological Innovation Continues – $799 can now buy you a 42-inch, high-definition flat-panel TV at Best Buy that will knock your socks off and throw in another $200, and you can get a surround-sound system (hint, hint dear!)
8. Prosperity Reigns in the Heartland – This is turning into a good year for farmers
9. A New Tone and Direction in Washington – Sometimes change is good and hopefully change this winter will boost the economy no matter who wins
10. Shoppers Can Expect Great Gift Buys This Holiday Season – Great new toys are on sale early in an effort by stores to get holiday revenue despite a lagging economy. Kids across America are rejoicing!

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