Some Cool and Fun Websites to Give You a Diversion from Watching the Stock Market

by Hank

It is the weekend.  The stock markets are thankfully closed after a long week of a roller coaster ride.  So, I wanted to take a breather from talking about stocks and personal finance and share with you some random, fun, and cool websites that will hopefully keep you distracted instead of thinking solely about your finances.  Enjoy…

– Hank

  1. – Great website that lets you and your friends compete against each other in picking the NFL’s winners each Sunday.  Last week, I predicted 12 winners and missed only 2 games and had one of the best records on the site.
  2. Guitar – Free online guitar lessons for the beginner and advanced players from some of the best teachers from around the country.
  3. Yahoo Answers – I am addicted to surfing, reading, and answering some of the craziest personal finance and military questions that people ask on the site.  About 20% of the questions seem to be people’s homework questions.  I wish I had found this when I was in high school or college.
  4. – Hulu is a very interesting streaming video website that actually has archived episodes of your favorite television shows like Hell’s Kitchen, Family Guy, SNL, The Daily Show, House, etc.  You can even watch movies on the website!
  5. Addicting – The name says it all.  I wasted hours yesterday playing the “Parking Lot” game of all things.  My mom would not be impressed to know that I still cannot parallel park.  I am sure that she is just glad I’m not trying it with her car anymore!

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