Week In Review – Blog Carnivals

by Hank

This week postings from Military Money Might appeared in the:

  1. Carnival of Money Stories # 79  – Hosted by Living Almost Large
  2. Carnival of Personal Finance # 173 – Hosted by Girls Just Wanna Have Funds
  3. Carnival of Finance Fiesta # 18 – Hosted by Master Your Card
  4. Carnival of Finance Fiesta # 19 – Hosted by Living Almost Large

Like I do with every blog carnival update, I’ve listed some of my personal favorite stories and ideas below.  Like a good movie critic, you might not like what I like.  So, click on the full links to the carnivals above and see all the great stories.  They have a lot of great personal finance ideas and insight.  Enjoy…

My personal favorites this week:

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