Making Little Changes In Daily Routine Can Lead To Big Savings

by Hank

It is no secret that times are tough now while our economy is struggling.  Every little bit of savings can help ease our pocketbooks’ burden.  Even businesses are getting into the act.  Wal-Mart has recently been adding solar panels to a lot of their stores to try and cut down on the company’s electrical bills. 

Conway Freight Company, one of the nation’s largest eighteen wheeler trucking companies, has a tried to save money on its fuel costs by reducing their trucks’ maximum speeds from 65 miles per hour (mph) to just 62 mph.  Now, you might be saying to yourself that 3 mph is no big deal, but when you drive 8,400 trucks millions of miles a year, improving fuel efficiency by two-tenths of a mile per hour, it saves the company 3.2 million gallons of fuel or over $12 million per year.

There are a lot of little things we all can do in our daily lives to save money.  Like the big multinational companies above, little cost savings and small changes we make in our lives can really add up to a lot of money that stays in your pocket.

Here are a few little ideas that add up…

Smooth Acceleration.  Avoid fast starts or sudden stops burns extra fuel. Gradual acceleration helps automatic transmissions run better.  Also, slow down!  Driving at 55 mph rather than 65 mph can improve your fuel economy by two miles per gallon.

Correct Tire Pressure.  Under-inflated tires waste fuel and wear out the tire tread.  Also, check tires regularly for alignment and proper balance.

Lighten Up The Trunk.  A weighed-down car uses more fuel. For every extra 250 pounds your car hauls, the vehicle loses about one mile per gallon in fuel efficiency.  Carry only the basic emergency equipment and items you really need in the trunk.  Also, do not use car carriers on the top of your car unless you absolutely have to.  They are a huge wind drag and reduce fuel economy.

Home Utility Bill.  You can save about 3% on your heating bill for every one degree that you turn down your thermostat and keep it down.  So, if you turn your thermostat down three degrees on a $100 a month electric bill, you can save about $108 a year.  The same rules apply to your air conditioning too.  One of the best ways to do this is to install a programmable thermostat that can lower your home’s temperature while you are at work and then raise it again right before you get home.

Water Heater.  For a $30 water heater blanket, you can save over $100 a year in your utility bill.  It is a very inexpensive way to earn a great return on your investment and a simple installation.

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