How To Get Rid of a Real Estate Agent

by Hank

82I made the mistake of filling out a questionnaire form on the internet giving a real estate agency my name and phone number.  I had Googled real estate in the city my wife and I are moving to this winter, and a lot of great websites came up.  Of course, it was hard to get a lot of detail about the homes without leaving my name and contact information.  So, this realtor from one of the websites called me.  And, before I knew it, I she had stared e-mailing me MLS listings in our price range.

Meanwhile, my wife’s friend gave us the name of a real estate agent that she used and recommended.  This lady is highly recommended and seems really interested in our needs and wants in a new house.  Already, I can tell that this friend of a friend is a more professional realtor than the internet one.  There are a few jobs and services that just should not be blindly picked from the Yellow Pages or the internet.  

But, now my quest is how to let the other real estate agent down easy?  I guess that I’m too nice.  I feel badly that I have kind of led this realtor on for the past few months.  A friend of mine told me to just tell her because it was a business decision and nothing personal.  I just have to get over it and make the phone call. 

Does anyone have any tips or suggestions for me?

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