Name That Eagle at Military Saves and Win a $50 Savings Bond at Military Saves

by Hank

My five year-old is very orginal when it comes to naming his stuffed animals.  Let me give you a few examples…

  • Jellyfish – named “Jelly”
  • Octopus – “Octi”
  • Crab – “Pinch”
  • Dachshund – “Sizzle” (Definitely his best!)
  • Gold Fish – “Goldie”

Are you seeing a theme here?

flag2rgb-200x183-notextBut, can your child name this eagle?  The website, Military Youth Saves, sure hopes that he or she can.  Military Youth Saves is a social marketing program designed to encourage kids and teens to develop good savings habits at a young age.  The website and effort are brought to us by the great website, Military Saves, and they want your children to be a responsible saver and to spread the savings message to their family and friends as well.

Contest: Name That Eagle!

Help name the website’s Military Youth Eagle mascot and win a $50 Savings Bond and a Military Saves Coin.  Send your submissions to [email protected] by 30 June 2009.

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Jerry June 12, 2009 at 5:03 am

I guess your child would suggest “Eagie” for the eagle? =) I kind of like “Pinch” for the crab, that’s a cool name.
I’m glad to see that they are trying to get kids involved in a savings mindset, and hope that the savings bond will be some insurance that many families will participate. I will visit this site with my daughter when she gets home this afternoon!
Thanks for the tip!

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