Soldiers No Longer Have to Pay In Advance When Using the Army’s Tuition Assistance Program

by Hank

Soldiers who participate in the Army’s Tuition Assistance program will no longer have to personally advance their tuition payments when they enroll in approved college courses, under a policy change that takes effect Oct. 1.  Current rules require that soldiers who attend certain colleges that do not have a working agreement with the US Army use to submit their tuition assistance reimbursement requests directly to the Army, but they must pay their tuition directly to the school.

presbyterian-collegeTypically, this requires soldiers to pay tuition out of pocket when they enroll in a course, and then receive reimbursement from the Army upon completion and the posting of grades.  During the past year, the courses approved for TA reimbursement have cost an average of $572.

The new system streamlines the tuition payment process and also eliminates those out-of-pocket expenses.  The upfront direct payment procedures already apply to schools that have a working agreement with the Army and an account with GoArmyEd.

To obtain upfront TA under the new system, soldiers with a GoArmyEd account should use their existing log-in credentials.  Soldiers who have never used GoArmyEd should contact their local education center for assistance in setting up an account.  Soldiers should request TA through, and then submit a paper TA request to the school.

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Jerry October 16, 2009 at 4:43 pm

This is a great thing! It can lead to a real challenge to come up with the cash for tuition up-front, and I am glad that the Army is looking out for their soldiers by offering them some insurance that they can get into school and improve their education like this. Thanks for the good news.

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