What To Consider When Selling Your Investments

by Hank

Handling investments is a tricky business, but like all other types of trades, it has it’s tricks that will enable an investor to gain the most out of it. There are various strategies that can be employed in order to get the best value out of your investments. Every investment has telling signs that help the investor understand when to let go of them. The first and foremost strategy that you should use is to plan the time of sale at the time of purchase. This will help safeguard against making any impulsive selling decisions.

sell-stockA good time to sell investments is when they mature. Where money has been invested for a set period of time, the maturity date is the indicator for when it should be sold. This is especially true for fixed rate investments such as certificates of deposits and bonds.  When the investments mature, you will have enough cash to reinvest in a new investment or roll it over. Also when you have changed your goals and plans related to the investment, it is better to sell of that investment and move on to the next plan.

Sometimes investors tend to follow their gut reaction and sell their investments when it suddenly drops in value or when they hear any bad news on a company they have invested in. This knee jerk, overreaction to short term changes in value can cause a needless loss for an investor.  Always remember, a loss is not a loss until you sell.  If you can wait for the values to rise again, especially where you have invested for the long term, then it is only a loss on paper and not in your wallet where it really matters.

A proper selling strategy should be devised in order to save your portfolio from suffering any major damages whenever you require a large amount of cash. Having an emergency fund will also keep you from needlessly selling your investments at inopportune times. All of your investments must be looked at in the overall portfolio and should be sold over the account, selling different positions in varying degrees. This will ensure a good equity percentage and a healthy portfolio. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

When selling the stock in one of your mutual funds, you should always keep in mind certain points. Always keep a look out for any real long term change in the company’s competition. Where the company shows a loss in ability to produce and sell new products, the stocks should be sold off to protect from future loss. Management of the company should also be considered and watched, especially where a new person in the upper echelons of management has been hired. Any loss in the faith of the management can sharply reduce the value of the company and subsequently your investment in them.

By keeping these selling strategy tips in mind, you can figure out the right times to sell you investment without losing money.

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