Top 10 Best Coupon Websites To Save You Money While Shopping

by Hank

Frugality during these times is a virtue, and clipping coupons has never been more popular.  So, do not forget to save coupons to buy everything from clothes to groceries. Now thanks to the internet, you can gain access to websites that will help you find coupon and coupon codes that gives you automatic discounts on goods that you buy from brick and mortar stores and their online stores as well.

Here is a list of ten great coupon websites to help you shop and save… is a brilliant website that even offers a toolbar on your browser that will alert you for any codes that are available for the items that you are looking to purchase. It also provides a list of stores that supply the goods that you like in similar versions that have a code available on them. This is a great site to visit for those who are crazy about bargains. is another website that provides coupons, this time for services that were a nuisance earlier. It provides coupons for discounts on the shipping of the good you’ve ordered. It also provides coupon codes of up to twenty five percent discount on the items you want to buy.

Dealio.  For those who would like to get instant price comparisons and coupons without having to visit the website themselves, Dealio (beta) is the place to go. You could also download their internet toolbar to make shopping for less than retail price a lot easier for you. is another very good site to visit, and it caters specially for the tech fan. From computers to cameras of every brand, you can find many suitable discount coupons to keep the technophile in your life happy.

The Bargainist.  The Bargainist, as the name suggests, is an amazing site to get good bargains. It also helps sort items from sites such as to make the experience a whole lot easier.

Deal Locker.  Another such website is the Deal Locker (beta). It also has an additional discount finder where you can fill in your needed category along with your minimum budget and it searches all the items that are in your range.

Bargain Jack.  Sale and coupons couldn’t get easier and more widespread than BargainJack. Categorizing all the items by preference, it makes it much easier for you to find discounts. is a site that you must visit to find out the hottest deals online. You learn to not only save money but also earn commissions online through this website. is where you should go to when you want discounts on the least known brands and names. Coupons that are very difficult to find elsewhere are all available there.   When you’re categorizing your preference according to the sort of deals available online, you should visit It is a very informative and useful website.

Honorable Mentions…You might also want to try these coupon sites that let you print and clip coupons from the website to take into your favorite brick and mortar retailer.  Check out sites like…,,,, and

And one last site….I am also addicted at looking at the crazy one day deals that offers.  If you get a chance check them out too.

Disclaimer – No website listed provided any compensation whatsoever in return for being listed in this posting.  There are no affiliate links tied to them at all…nothing.  I just that that these are a few cool sites that you might be interested in and might be able to save you money.


Helen November 23, 2009 at 7:36 pm

Thanks so much for the mention! I wanted to let your readers know that we’ve also selected the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals:

Mike Cynar December 18, 2009 at 5:29 pm

Those are some great sites for coupons. If you like those you will love these for coupons. First is which has coupons to local restaurants, car repair services, beauty services or just about anything you do everyday. They mostly offer coupons in Virginia but they are in process of going national. Also check out which is only restaurants but the deals are huge. You will love both websites, I assure you.

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