The Top Ten iPhone and Blackberry Apps Every Soldier Needs To Own

by Hank

The Army Times newspaper recently listed 32 must have iPhone and Blackberry apps for members of the military. And, I thought that I would share my ten favorite iPhone apps for the Soldier and member of the military in your life.

  1. MRE Info – Menus and how-to guides, everything you ever wanted to know about Meals Ready To Eat
  2. PerDiemCalc – Now you will always know when finance is shorting you your TDY money.
  3. Flash2Bang – A necessity for any good artilleryman but also cool if you are caught in a thunderstorm.
  4. USAA Mobile – Pay bills, transfer funds, trade stocks, or make a deposit by taking a picture of the check!
  5. PushupFu/CrunchFu – Counts your exercises while you do them and even helps with your form
  6. RunKeeper – Tracks your runs, walks, bike rides, etc. while listening to your music
  7. Military Wife Deployment Guide – Pictures and gift reminders
  8. Short Timer – Now you can count down the days until you PCS, ETS, or the end of deployment right on your phone
  9. DOD Comm – It is like having AFN’s Pentagon Channel right on your phone
  10. FlashLight App – Yes, like the commercial says…..there’s an app for that too, and it is super bright!

Favorites for any career…. Pandora, Facebook, Hootsuite, and The Weather Channel

The cool but pricey….Ballistic: Field Tactical Edition ($19.99) lets you calculate trajectory, windage, and a host of other factors.  US Military Handbook ($9.99) has pay and allowance tables, PT calculators, and slew of other great info.

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Michael April 1, 2010 at 12:05 pm

Also check out MilPay. It gives a detailed breakdown of Basic Pay, BAH, Incentive pays, etc.

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