The Top Tips On Saving Money Online and With Coupons

by Hank

Frugality is the new black, and saving money has never been more popular.  You can save a ton of money by clipping coupons and stretch more of your dollars every month. There are many ways to save using coupons, and you may be surprised by the amount of sources that supply coupons. Whether it is a computer you want to buy or simply shopping for your weekly supply of groceries for your family, here are a few tips you can follow to catch some great bargains with coupons.

Daily Paper. First, you should keep a look out for coupons in your daily newspaper. From restaurants to beauty salons, many business offer great discounts for those interested in their services.

Internet Search. If you are not excited about the prospect of rummaging through the paper to find the coupons you specifically want, you could always consult the internet for a pinpoint search. A host of websites offer great coupons according to your preferences and needs.

Free Shipping. You should keep an eye out for free shipping. Freight charges could add a lot to your bill’s final total, and there are many websites that also provide shipping coupons for you.  Or, you could check out websites that ship to you for free.  This website alone could pay for the time you spend hunting for deals this holiday season.

Registering With Favorites. You can save a lot of money by registering with your favorite retailers. Free e-mail newsletters are only a little bad.  I have a theory that it is okay to get spammed by the companies you want to do business with.  How else would you find the best deals on their websites?  So, go ahead and sign up for their weekly newsletters, etc. This way they would offer you discounts and updates on their deals through their newsletters. But before doing that you should check out their privacy policy and make sure the personal information you are giving to this website is kept confidential.

Cyber Clearance Racks. You should check out clearance and sales sections of your favorite websites for any great deals that you can catch hold of in time. These are available in most retailers’ websites and can also include online-only sales.

Coupon Codes. When looking for coupon codes, you should also try looking in the most unexpected places such as your mailbox or in catalogs. Keeping an eye out for such things can help you save a lot more than you intended initially. Also look for any hidden costs in the coupon deals. If you have a good deal on an order but you have to pay more in delivery costs, then the idea is not a very good one.

Clubs. Join customer clubs at the grocery stores and retail stores that you visit frequently. Such places offer great deals and coupons for members only. Always worth it if you’re going to buy their items frequently. When you’re saving up these coupons, you should always keep it somewhere where you can take it with you when leaving your house for shopping. Try a container or a jar near your doorway to help you remember.

Layering Your Coupons. Last but not least, try to save more by layering your coupons. Use both the store and the manufacturer coupons on the items you are buying and enjoy compounded discounts on these goods.  Maximizing both of these different types of coupons can save you a bundle and keep a lot of money where it belongs…in your pocket!

Do you know of other tips that I missed?  Let us know in the comment section!

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