You Can Now Follow Military Money Might on Twitter

by Hank

Like many other blogs, I have finally taken the plunge and started giving short, quick updates on Twitter. You can sign up to follow me or see what I have been rambling about at Military Money Might’s page on Twitter.

So, what is Twitter? Twitter is a micro-blogging website where bloggers and anyone else for that matter can send their friends and followers updates, let them know when new blog articles have been posted, give tips, provide fast time sensitive ideas, etc. Also, if you like a specific entry, you can usually find more information about it through links right inside the message.

Why should you follow me? On Twitter I post unique money saving tips, finance-related news, updates to, and random thoughts. It is basically anything that is too small or timely that will not fit into a full post. I am not going to talk about dumb unimportant things like what I ate for breakfast this morning or why I think that the Braves should trade Troy Glaus. Instead, you will get the lastest updates on new blog posts and other great money and investing tips.

What else is on Twitter? You can find a lot of great personal finance, news, editorials, and other useful finance related information on Twitter, and you can actually learn a lot from it. Some great ideas, thoughts, and tips that have recently been posted include:

@AskJune_USAA With 30 yr fixed mortgage rates at a low 4.79%, should you refinance? Chk out my video:

@CashMoneyLife How Easy is it to Get Scammed by Online Loan Companies?

@JeffRoseCFP Understanding Inheritance Taxes: Inheriting any type of money is filled with mixed emotions. In the event you …

Who do I follow? I follow some of my favorite personal finance bloggers who also tweet (the verb for using Twitter). I follow Ryan from Cash Money Life, J from Budgets Are Sexy, Jim from Bargaineering, USAA’s June Walbert, and several others.

To see those guys’ full twitter pages or to follow them, just click on the links above. I also recommend checking out their personal finance / money blogs which are also great: Cash Money Life, The Military Wallet, Budgets Are Sexy, and Bargaineering.

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Ryan July 2, 2010 at 11:05 am

Thanks for the mention, Hank. Looks lie we’ve got a close week going in fantasy baseball… you’ve got a slight lead, but I’m coming up on you! 🙂

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