USAA Branches Are Coming To A Military Base Near You With USAA Financial Centers

by Hank

The fact that USAA does not have a local branch of its bank outside American military bases has always been one of my biggest complaints about the company. In fact, it is my only complaint. I love USAA, and I have been a customer of the financial services giant for over ten years. I have over twelve different financial products with the company ranging from insurance, bank accounts, and investments. Now the last piece of the puzzle is finally falling into place. USAA will add thirty to forty financial centers around the country in areas with a heavy concentration of military personnel over the next several years. You could have a USAA branch outside a base gate near you very soon.

What Is A USAA Financial Center?

USAA Financial CenterA USAA Financial Center is a full service bank branch with many other features that capitalize on USAA’s diverse financial products that it offers its military members and their families. In addition to allowing USAA members to bank directly with a teller counter and have access to a USAA ATM, financial centers also have representatives that can help customers begin and change auto insurance policies and even meet with wealth management advisors. Members are able to get help with services such as financial planning, mortgage applications, and life insurance through onsite help and a direct connection at the financial center back to USAA headquarters in San Antonio, Texas. USAA members can also make appointments to meet with USAA Wealth Management Advisors in the financial center to discuss elements of the financial plan and receive one on one financial and investment advice.

Test Beds In San Antonio And Ft. Hood

USAA has recently opened its second financial center in the San Antonio area which is its fourth center throughout the country. Two financial centers are located in Killeen, Texas just outside of Fort Hood Army Base and in Colorado Springs, Colorado near Fort Carson. The first financial center, located near Ft. Hood was such a successful test bed for the company that USAA is planning on a second center in the vicinity of the Army’s largest base in America as well. Members of the financial giant can expect to see more financial centers popping up in military communities around the country near them. USAA is, of course, going to focus its attention in areas with large populations of its target clientele, members of the military and their families.

USAA is a growing company, and they are making strives to continue that growth. In fact, USAA has grown its net worth, assets under management, revenue, net income, and membership consistently over the past six years. Since 2005, USAA has increased its net worth by approximately 11% annually. USAA has always been in a great financial position and never took a single cent of TARP money. Financial centers and bank branches are going to be a great addition to the landscape outside of American military bases around the country. Keep a look out for one coming to your area soon!

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