Handing Down USAA For Generations Commercial

June 10, 2011

USAA has been putting out some great commericals lately on television with their latest campaign. Here is the latest USAA commerical, “Mine Was Earned”. How many banks and financial institutions in America can say that their customers hand down a legacy of using their products and services from one generation to another. Speaks volumes…

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Three Ways To Reduce Your Expenses

June 8, 2011

In these harsh economic times, it is more important than ever to reduce your expenses. You do not have to be unemployed or struggling financially, to start cutting expenses. The fact is that disaster can strike anyone at any time. Most families are a single accident, theft, or illness away from bankruptcy. Even with a […]

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USAA Financial Center Branch Is Coming To Fort Bragg This Summer

May 10, 2011

USAA just announced last week that the financial services giant that primarily caters to members of the military, their family members, and veterans is building a USAA Financial Center in Fayetteville, North Carolina outside of Ft. Bragg. The Financial Center outside of Ft. Bragg, one of the nation’s largest military bases, marks USAA’s twelth Financial […]

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Understanding Buying A Home With A VA Loan

February 28, 2011

One of the best benefits of serving in the US Armed Forces is access to the VA Loan Guarantee and Home Loan Program. Originally part of the Serviceman’s Readjustment Act of 1944, this program for current and former members of the military guarantees home loans by the federal government against default. It enables veterans to […]

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